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(all photos made by scuba club KORALI, Macedonia)

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Our scuba club on the shores of the Lake Ohrid

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How do you do all those incredible underwater photos. Download the clip

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XMKD - scuba team!

SCUBA FOTO STORY /Pula, Croatia 2004

We arrived in Pula on thursday 30 of september. It was quite late so we went to bed. It was a great weekend full with scuba trips to variuos spots. Browse through the galleries

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It was a perfect weather. 3 days of sun and perfect water for swimming. We prepared quite a materials concerning underwater fotage and videos.

XMKD - scuba team!

Foto Session: The Jellyfish!
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In the Adriatic you'll swim into thousands of different aqatic life forms.. Today we run into a huge Jellyfish. We explored it a bit, and it was very friendly with us (as much as it can be:))

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It is a beautiful scubadiving base on the shores of Adria See with outrageous facilities, couple of boats and a private docking for the boat divers. It is located on the private beach of the Histria hotel complex and lies on the beautiful Verudela coast. (aprox 1km from the Pula town center).


In the diving base you will be welcomed by the friendly stuff composed of 4 instructors. English, Italian, Croatian, German are well spoken languages among the employes.

For the begginers are offered the basic and advanced courses and for the ones that just want to taste the water, discover diving courses would be the perfeckt match. For the experienced divers there are lots of diving spots around Verudela beach. Among many thera are several ship and submarine wrecks. Underwater caves and vertical walls are also common. - dive team!

Scubadiving in Pula, Croatia - summer 2004

We arrived in Pula very late that night, and it was raining. The next day we woke up late and we missed the first dive :) As soon as I saw the sun high up in the skies and felt the 35 degrees on me I ran straight to the dive club ORCA (our hosts for the weekend). It is a beautiful dive base on the shores of Adria See with outrageous facilities, couple of boats and a private docking for the boat divers.

Go to the gallery to see all the photos >>> - dive team!

What lies beneath the big blue?

The project (SIMoN) - Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network. Infos about the underwater secrets of our oceans..

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Underwater photography competition at

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Cuba - Varadero

Underwater clips of diverse scuba spots in the most famous area in Cuba - Varadero!

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New underwater photos in our U/W section

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photo: Ivan Mirkovski © 2004


Swimming with dolphins

What is like being with such wonderful creatures..? What is the secret of their intelegence? So many questions.. That is why they are so beautiful and so misterious (read the book: 'So long and thax for all the Fish' by Douglas Adams)

Swimming with them can be one way to find something more abou them.

Meet our friends from Cuba, the Atlantic through our photos of our instructors swimming with them...

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11.01.2004 Scuba diving in CUBA!

From 25th of Dec. to 8th of January we organized a scuba diving trip to Cuba, Varadero.

We made a bunch of photos and underwater filming.

Browse our photo gallery to see all the photos from CUBA!


new  Today we started with the english version of the scuba diving in Macedonia portal! We hope you enjoy it..


new  A bunch of new underwater clips in the section UW CLIPS added
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Some of our members did an instructor course from 2-6 November 2003. It took place in the town of Pula, Croata. Soon we are publishing the official gallery with all the photos and clips taken from the course...

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bojan ivo i herman Manfred na -31 m


The underwater photo section has been updated. Look at the new photos and compare the setting, maybe you'll learn something new about UW photography.

If you have any questions concerning UW Photo or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us:


Today we started our new section U/W CLIPS. There you can enjoy our underwater collection of materials that we recorded on diverse scuba trips


PORTATES Korali Beach, summer 2003

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Visit the scuba doctor section. It will be regulary updated with newest discusion about underwater psyiology.

- How deep can humans dive?
- Carbonated beverages and DCI?
- Planning a Marathon dive?

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From: Deivit Petrovski
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 2:54 AM
Subject: Pozdrav

I'm Deivit Petrovski, your fellow diver in Sweden. I must send my best regards to Ivan Mirkovski, Bojan and the others who I dived with this summer at Korali beach. You made me realize how great scuba diving is and how foolish of me who haven't dived for three years. So now I've booked tickets to go to The Great Barrier Reef, Australia for Christmas/New Years Eve.
What about a guestbook on your website??
Once again thanks and hopefully I see you next summer on Korali plaza.


(My written English is much better than my written Macedonian)


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